Nicole Regina Wong

I'm a fullstack developer who's been living in Tokyo since 2015.

Ruby || Rails || JavaScript || React || HTML || CSS/SCSS


What is Snapcarte?

Snapcarte is an app that lets restaurant owners quickly and easily start up their online takeout services. You can upload a photo of your menu and Snapcarte will read dish and price information using Google Vision OCR.

Built using: Rails, Google Cloud Vision OCR, JavaScript, Stimulus, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Snapcarte home

Team Role

Snapcarte was built in a team of 3 over the period of 10 days as a final product sprint for the LeWagon Bootcamp. I served as Lead Dev on the team. In addition to overseeing the overall structure of the app, I also focused my efforts on the OCR aspect.

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We wanted to explore ways to make the restaurant sign-up process as quick and easy as possible, so we devised a way for owners to paste in their TripAdvisor links, which Snapcarte would use to autofill restaurant details.


Menu OCR

For the busy restaurant owner who isn't so tech-savvy, we decided on an OCR feature that would allow restaurant owners to upload a photo of their menu and have Snapcarte digitize it. Owners could also crop sections of their menu, improving menu organization and optimizing OCR.


Editing the Menu

After OCR is complete, the owner is taken to a menu overview page where they can name the different sections that were cropped as well as correct any OCR artifacts in dish names or prices.