Nicole Regina Wong

I'm a fullstack developer who's been living in Tokyo since 2015.

Ruby || Rails || JavaScript || React || HTML || CSS/SCSS


What is Acornr?

Acornr was an idea from my teammate, Momotaro Nakamura, that allowed residents all over the world to list their spaces for rental as temporary storage for other users. A corner to put your things, anywhere in the world.

Built using: Rails, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Team Role

I was Lead Dev on the team of 3 that built Acornr in 5 days during the LeWagon Bootcamp. It was a great learning experience coordinating between different developers and making sure the overall app was functional and fit our original vision.

Marvin meyer syto3xs06fu unsplash


List a Space

Hosts could list a space with a photo. They were able to specify details such as address, price per day, and what they were willing to let others store in their spaces.



We needed a centralized space to clearly and concisely display information on bookings and owned spaces for hosts, so we designed a clean and organized Dashboard for hosts to use as a quick overview, or to accept or deny booking requests.


Search for Spaces

On the renter's side, they needed to be able to search for places close to their destination, so we implemented a location based search that then displayed results on an easy to understand map. We used Mapbox maps for this project.